Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another fall

I climbed Shotgun this morning and attempted to break my no dismount record at 42.5 minutes.

Approaching the last ascent, I took advantage of the momentum from the descent. I kept on pedaling until the bike slowed down; then I shifted to granny - front gear to the smallest cog. However, the chain overshot and disengaged from the crank. The bike suddenly stopped and I immediately unclipped my left foot, which I usually do; but, lo and behold, the bike leaned to the right. It's too late to unclip my right foot. And, BANG!

Fortunately, I suffered no injury not even a minor scratch. The saddle though of my Marin Alpine 29er was slightly damaged.

I replaced the chain and continued pedaling. And, the attempt was aborted.

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