Thursday, October 28, 2010

Araw ng Siklista sa 17 Cities ng Metro Manila

I got this from PMTB, which was posted by Justie

The 17 Cities Bike Tour aka "Araw ng Siklista" is a bike caravan passing each of the 17 cities comprising Metro Manila.

The historic fun ride seeks to mobilize all bike clubs and enthusiasts from each of the 17 cities, to ride as one in pushing for bike-safe & bike-healthy Metropolis.

The caravan will make a brief stop in each of the municipalities to present bikers' petition to the city mayors, and to President Aquino II at the end of the ride in Quezon Memorial Circle. Environmental advocates and other Non-motorized transport stakeholders will join the Cyclists at QMC when the petition is presented to the President.

As a prelude to Nov.7 "Araw ng Siklista", a BIKERS' Forum/Workshop will be held on October 23 (time and venue to be announced later). Ideas and demands drawn during the forum will form the petition to be submitted on Nov. 7. The petition will be circulated in all localities to draw-in signatories who believe and support the clamor for clean air & bike-safe Metro Manila.

Events Schedule:
Registration Period: Oct - Nov 6, 2010

Registration is FREE!

*Registration forms can be requested and submitted at
For non-internet users, forms will be made available at your favorite bike shops and biker tambayans.

Submit or mail accomplished forms to :Cycad Office - #43 Malingap st. Teachers Village, Quezon City

For Queries you may call:Tel Nos. 926-6544 (ask for Kim)Or Txt: 0999-731-2935 - Roi; 0939-375-0575 - Monchie

Nov. 7 Sunday Event Schedule
5:30 am Assembly at Quezon Memorial Cirle (Fronting QC hall)
* QC bikers and clubs will start off at QMC.
* Local bikeclubs will merge with the caravan when the starting contingent reaches their city hall.
The partner bike club will then take their turn in leading the group till the next city and so on.

6:00 am Ride Start
5:30 pm ETA at QMR
Snack stops at 10 am & lunch at 12:00nn and ample water stations with partner LGUs.

Approx. Total Distance: 130.5 kms.
Ride Pace: 15-20 kph
Route: You can download the route at Cycling Advocates Facebook account or email us at for a copy.

What you need to have:
Helmet, Bike Blinkers, Bike Horn / Bell (optional), water bottle and snacks.
The yearning to see bike-safe & bike healthy streets a reality.
An open & friendly disposition to act in solidarity for the bikers' cause.

Skill Level: Basic (ability to keep 15-20 kph pace).

Event Attire:
All bike clubs will wear their respective club jerseys. All individual bikers can wear their favorite bike get-up and gimmick.

Have your bike tuned up a week before the event.Get enough sleep the day before and be early at the assembly area (QMC or your city hall).
Present your registration stub so you can be issued an event sticker and banner for the ride.

*All participants get a commemorative certificate of participation at the end of the ride.

Sama-sama para sa karapatan ng siklista sa malinis na hangin at ligtas na padyak sa

Let's support this event for a bike-safe and bike-safety community.

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