Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Am I riding a lemon?

My TweetyPot, a built 2010 Marin Alpine Trail 29er, is almost 3 months old only. But, I’m already experiencing problems with her.

I’m just wondering if the parts installed are weak or not compatible. Thus, making my bike a lemon.

First, I noticed the slipping handle bar grips. I had it fixed at Sabak Bike Shop, where I bought it. The mechanic just applied rugby. But, after a month, they’re slipping again

Second, it’s the problem with the chain. I had it fixed by the Sabak mechanic. But, the problem recurred. I try to have it fixed by other mechanics. Again, the problem keeps on recurring.

Third, the saddle was disengaged from its rails due to minor "semplang".

Fourth, when I rode it last Sunday, I heard noises from the front wheel. The culprit was the worn out hub bearings. I had fixed in one of the LBS along the way. So far, it's okay.

Fifth, when the mechanic carried the bike, the rear wheel fell off from the frame. It was re-attached and the bolt tightened.

I have another bike – a built 2009 KHS Alite 150, which is more than a year old. But, I’ve never encountered yet the above problems.

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