Saturday, March 20, 2010

I return to Macabud, Rodriquez, Rizal

I wasn't able to join the PMTB North Licao licao ride last Saturday. And, I decided to the trailing today.

There's an invitation by the Certified Poser Bikers (CPB) for the Shotgun - Wawa loop today; and, I thought of joining this one in lieu of my Macabud solo ride. But, I wasn't able to wake up early; and, I push through with solo Macabud ride.
At the La Mesa Gate

Overlooking view

One of my pit stops

This is where I always push my bike up.

Another rest

Resting again

One of the trail heads that I'd explore in the near future

A new trail that I'm exploring

I didn't rest but crashed

Check where the handlebar was facing

Checking my directions

Resting again

Along the Montalban (Rodriguez) Highway

Refueling at San Mateo

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