Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Before sleeping last night, I decided to bike inside our village for thirty minutes; so, I could sleep soundly. I used BikePot (my other bike). In one of the streets, however, the lamp post wasn't working and it's dark. While turning left, I didn't notice the hump.

Crashed! And, I fell with my left cheek and chin kissing the road.

I immediately stood up and assessed my conditions. I groped and touched my left cheek and chin. I felt some scratches. My left wrist and my left big toe are aching. There are small scratches on my left knee.

I mounted my bike and went home. I took a bath; then, hit the bed with pains.


  1. Tito Tom konting ingat lang, pag injured ka who will take care of tita bheng! regards to you and tita bheng! sobrang busy minsan lang maka-visit!

  2. I think you must to bike in a road with appropriate light supply :) for the next time. Biking is for fun. It's not fun anymore if you ended up with some scratch on your body :)

    Have a fun and safe biking then....

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