Monday, November 30, 2009

At the Timberland again

I was able to climb Timberland Heights last Saturday morning. It was a great experience achieving a goal or just part of a goal. My actual goal is to reach Timberland without stopping. I've trained for this and attempted several times. I was just happy that I reached Timberland with a single stopover.

After climbing a mountain, I'd planned of pedaling on flat grounds yesterday afternoon. And, my supposed destination was UP Diliman. But, along the way, I could hear the beckon of Timberland. It's so irresistible. So, instead of going to UP, I proceeded back to San Mateo, Rizal.

I started pedaling from the intersection of E. De Los Santos St. and Kambal Road Ext. up to Timberland Heights gate. I saw several bikers coming down but nobody going up.

Going up after the "siko" is really challenging. I was out of breath and thought of stopping. But, no way, Jose! I was determined to do it without stopping; and, I made it. Yipee! It's an exhilarating experience. After cooling down, I rested while enjoying the views.

Thence, I went inside Timberland. The roads are rolling and going up towards the clubhouse is another pain in the ass. Nonetheless, I made it up to the end of the paved road. I supposed the rough road is the entrance and start of the Maarat trail. I just continued pedaling for a few hundred meters and peeked what's up ahead. I turned back and have planned of conquering this place soonest.


  1. Hi! I'm Maki from San Mateo Rizal and I tried this trail to Timerland as well. I wonder how'd you get in the subd. Based on what I've heard, you have to be a member first. Are you? I really can't afford it.

  2. To be able to get inside Timberland Subdivision, you need to leave an ID at the guard.

    But, you need to be a member if you would go inside or use the facilities of the Timberland Clubhouse.