Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Triple SS Bikes

I have two mountain bikes - a 26er and a 29er.  And, both have been converted into Triple SS.   When I bought these bikes, they are built and complete with gears, suspension forks, and front & rear brakes.

What's Triple SS?
  • First SS is for Single Speed (no gears)
  • Second is for Sans Suspension (rigid)
  • Third is for Single Stopper (front brake only)
I first converted my 26er (by the way, it's already a 69er) into rigid and later on into single speed.  I've loved the way how it's ridden; so, I also converted my 29er into rigid and single speed at the same time.

Before I removed my rear brakes, I first experimented and practiced of not using my rear brakes for almost a year.  When I gained the confidence, I ditched them to shave some weight.

My first Triple SS Bike:

KHS Alite 150 26er frame
Deore crank
Niner ring 32T
Shimano SPD
Surly cog 17t
Surly spacers
No singleator
HG73 chain

Mosso M3 fork

Deore hydraulic brake

My second Triple SS Bike:
Marin Alpine Trail 29er frame
XT crank
Niner ring 32T
Surly cog 18t
Surly spacers
Surly singleator
IG51 chain

Mosso M3 fork

SLX hydraulic brake

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