Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pamulaklakin Forest Trail - Pedal and Push

Finally, I was able to try the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail in Subic Bay Free Port Zone.

Last weekend, we stayed overnight at Subic Homes.  As usual, I brought my bike with us.
Sunday morning, I left the house at about 7:00 am.  I looped first the Binictican Drive then entered the trailhead.
From the trail head up to Pastulan Village is mostly uphills.  And, I was able to use my second gear - pushing.  The distance is about 3 kilometers.

From the village, you could take the paved road down to Tipo.  Or, you could turn right for more trails and steeper uphills.
But, after thinking twice, I decided to go back and enjoyed the downhill back to Binictican.

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