Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two years of biking

Exactly two years ago, I first rode my first bike around the UP Diliman Academic Oval. I just pedaled a few laps. Since then, I've already covered about 9,500 kilometers.

I considered the following as my biking accomplishments so far:

  • Made 3 century (in miles) rides - 1) Nova to Ternate to Nova: 204 kms.; 2) Nova to Tagaytay to Nova: 180 kms.; and, 3) Nova to Silang, Cavite to Nova: 168 kms.

  • Climbed non-stop/no dismount - Mt. Maarat via Shotgun, Timberland, and Cabading / Antipolo via Marikina, Pasig, and Teresa / Mt. Samat.

  • Converted my two bikes to clipless pedals.

  • I'm glad I'm hooked into it. And, I enjoyed every second of my saddle time - butt soring or not.

    There's only one regret - that I didn't start biking much earlier in my life.


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