Saturday, May 16, 2015

Novaliches to Baguio City

I've planned to pedal all the way from our home in Novaliches up to Baguio City on June 9 to 10, 2015.

I'll use my KHS Alite 150, SS (32 x 17), rigid 69er with 2.1 Maxxis Crossmark tires.  I preferred this over my SS (32 x 18) rigid 29er; as, it has lower gear inches of 49.941 and slimmer tire of 2,1 against 51.556 and 2.2, respectively, of the latter.   Besides, I already used my 29er on my first 2 climbs from Rosario, LU to Baguio in 2011 and 2012.  It's still geared then.

My intended itinerary / routes:

1st day - Leave home by 5:00 am
Novaliches - Quirino Highway - San Rafael, Bulacan - Maharlika Highway - Sta. Rosa, N. E. - La Paz, Tarlac - Manila North Road - Rosales, Pangasinan

2nd day - Leave Rosales by 6:00 am
Rosales, Pangasinan - Rosario, L. U. - Kennon Road - Baguio City.

This morning, I started my training by climbing the Walls in Timberland and to the Blue Zone Trails.  And, I was surprised that I climbed Wall 1 up to Timberland gate with 2 stops only.  I used to do it in 3 stops.

I welcome those who wanted to ride with me all the way or along the way.  Just leave a message.  Thanks.

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