Monday, January 20, 2014

Titan saddle

The MOB saddle on my KHS Alite SS rigid 69er was about to retire;  hence, I was thinking of replacing it with a Seagull saddle.

I was at John Wilkie in Concepcion buying inner tubes when I saw on display a red titan saddle, which is similar with Seagull and Tioga.  I asked for the price.  It's P1,200 - a hundred cheaper than Seagull.  Still have extra money, I bought it.

I love how it looks; and, it's half the weight of standard saddle.  After breaking it in, my butt is now comfortable with it.


  1. good day sir tom.,newbie po kasi ako sa mountain biking and gusto kasi magkaraoon ng bago kong bike.,ive got some friends who have their own at na enganyo ako bumili and one of my friend recommended me the Cannondale trail 7.,can u advice me of other options sa pagbili ko ng sarili kong bike.,my range for expences is 15-20k lang!
    tska im from Tuguegarao City with some relatives from penablanca too.

  2. Good to know you're from Tuguegarao and Penablanca.

    I'm not an expert sa mga bikes. Pero, Cannondale is a good brand.