Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Replacing my broken brake

My Deore hydraulic brake lever assembly on my 69er broke.  It's time to upgrade, I thought.  And, I canvassed for a replacement.  An XT hydraulic brake set costs P7,200 while a Deore P4,000 only.
I'd like to upgrade to XT; but, the price difference made me think twice and even thrice.

Last Saturday, I was about to buy a Deore but, at the bike shop, I changed my mind.  Anyway, I have a budget for the XT; so, why not buy it.  But, the problem was I didn't carry enough money.  So, I tried to negotiate with the shop owner.  I'd pay P5,000 first and then give the balance on Monday.  He agreed but he'd increase the price from P7,200 to P8,000.  I haggled for no increase considering that I'm a patron of that shop and the balance would be paid in just two days.  He didn't agree.

Yesterday, while at the PMTB Forum, I saw a slightly used SLX hydraulic brake set for sale at P4,200.   I thought it's a good deal. After some considerations, I contacted the seller for a meet-up.

I got the brake set at P3,800 only; and, I saved P3,400.

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