Friday, July 26, 2013

A Folding 69er - my 3rd bike?

When I converted my KHS Alite 150 26er into a 69er, I'm left with the following:

1.  WTB 29er rim
2.  Venzo 29er rim tape
3.  Alex 26er rim
4.  Generic 26er spokes
5.  Kenda Nevegal 26er tire
6.  Hubs - front (Deore) and rear (Formula).
Selling them may be an option.  But, I'm keeping them for another project - a folding 69er, rigid, and single speed.  I'm just waiting for a Montague frameset to arrive.

I just made some calculations.  Even with these parts available, the estimated expenses to build this project is about P60,000. Whew!

Anyway, it's still in the drawing board.

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