Friday, May 10, 2013

No more chain skipping

I really wanted to solve the chain skipping of TweetyPot soonest.

So, last Monday, I went to all bike shops in Quiapo and looked for a 32 teeth chain ring, preferably Surly or E-13.  Unfortunately, my efforts were futile.  So, I went home teary!

Tuesday, I started calling and texting other bike shops.   Even the Surly Philippine dealers have no stocks or are not selling chain rings.

There's one store with one stock only but the color doesn't match with any of my two bikes. However, I was told that some stocks are coming by the 11th of the month.  The brand is E-13 and the cost is P1,600 per ring.

Then, I found one shop selling but expensive at P2,700 a piece.  At that price, it must be good.  The brand is Niner.  No wonder!  I had second thought.  Shall I wait for the 11th?  But, when I woke up the following day, I checked my wallet and decided to get the Niner ring.

Right after it's installed, I tried it at D' Wall.   No more skipping!  Yippee!


  1. Next upgrade will be a niner frame sir tom ;)

    1. Yes Nat.

      I saw the latest model of the S.I.R 9 frame. But, the cost at P57,000 made me think 10x. Or, perhaps, I'll just settle for a One 9, which is less expensive but still expensive.

      Meantime, sa Marin frame muna ako.