Monday, May 7, 2012

Front braking only

A bike has two brakes - front and rear.  In most bikes, the front brake lever is located at the left side of the handlebar, while the rear brake lever at the right side.  Some bikers modified the levers the other way around.

The front brake is more effective giving about 70% of braking power.  Most agreed that it, alone, should be used on level grounds.

On slope grounds, however, there are several schools on what brakes to use, i.e.:
  • the rear brake only
  • both brakes evenly
  • both brakes but more on the rear
  • front brake only
I've experimented and practiced all schools and, then, decided to use the front brake only in all situations - level and slope grounds, whether to slow down or to stop.  I've been doing this method for several months now.  And, so far, it's doing me good.

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