Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday night ride

On my way home from office last night, I passed by San Mateo, Rizal for a night ride. My other purpose was to simulate an SS (single speed) ride. I fixed my front ring in a mid-ring and the rear at number 5 gear with 17 teeth.

I started the ride along Kambal Road Extension from Aling Tina's up to the crossroad to Shotgun and Timberland. Then, I pedaled up towards Timberland up to Tulizan's place, back, then up again up to after Tulizan's, back, up again before the Columbary, back, then up to Columbary and back again.

I also pedaled back and forth the approach/entrance to Shotgun about 6 times.

And, that's all for the night for a SSimulated SS ride.

Before going home, I refreshed myself with 2 bottles of beer and a plate of sisig, while listening to the band at the nearby bar.

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