Monday, June 1, 2009

Looking for alternative exercise

I walk for my exercise. I do it whenever and wherever there's an opportunity to do so. But, sometimes, I get bored walking. To break the boredom, I'd thought of an alternative exercise. And, I considered going back to badminton.

When a friend suggested biking, I considered it too. Being an aerobic and a low impact exercise like walking, I decided to give biking a try and see whether it's for me or not. So, I window shopped and canvassed around for a bike. A unit costs from P2,000 to an overwhelming P100,000 plus.

Since I'd still be experimenting, I would just buy a cheap one only - around P3,000 perhaps.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, Sir Tom. Biking works for me (in my purpose of reducing my weight). At the height of 5'5", I was pretty much overweight for 90 kilograms. I tried brisk walking first, walking every morning and evening from our house in Makati to Shaw Blvd. Pasig where I worked. I didn't notice much progress of what I was doing. I bought a road bike last September and from that time on, I am bike commuting to work. I lost 15 kilograms from my peak weight of 90 kilograms. Marami din ang nagsabi na lumiit daw ang tiyan ko. I'm presently 75 kilograms. My goal is to reduce up to 68 (or 63) kilograms which is the ideal weight for my height and age...